by Wayne D. King on February 28th

In the long shadow of Rattlesnake Ridge where I live in New Hampshire the talk these days at The Common Cafe or Plain Jane’s Diner in Rumney or Dot’s Bread and Butter Bistro in Ashland is often turning to who the next standard bearers in the political parties should be and what their message to […]


by Kenneth E. Feltman on October 1st

President Obama’s comment in 2008 about small-town voters clinging to their guns and religion became a flash point for many everyday Americans. Remember Joe the Plumber? Rank-and-file Americans understood that Obama did not respect them or their values. Mitt Romney’s recent comment that 47 percent of Americans are dependent on government and, therefore, inclined to […]


by Laura Kiesel on January 29th

Overall, Obama’s State of the Union address impressed. I was glad to have him tackle education more honestly than I’ve been used to with politicians, to the point of proposing the dismantling of the troublesome No Child Left Behind Act. Likewise, I am glad he stuck to his guns on the health care bill, while […]


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I once had a single bumper stick that emblazoned my first car, a beat-up smurf-blue Chevy, that simply stated, “Little Red Riding Hood LIED.” I grew up in an inner-city area. The only wild animals I ever saw were squirrels, pigeons and the occasional rat, and their wildness was in question. I never saw a […]


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Here is what I wrote in April: The Republican Party will experience it at the local and state levels first, as Tea Party candidates defeat conventional Republicans and win GOP nominations. Some of those Tea Partiers will be kooky, others will be single-issue ideologues. A few will be anti-immigrant, a smattering will be paranoid. Others […]


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First of all, I would like to say that I am a proud supporter of the statewide GOP ticket of Ken Cuccinelli, E.W. Jackson and Mark Obenshain. It is quite refreshing to have the opportunity to vote for some true conservatives. In far too many elections, as was the case in last year’s presidential election, […]


by Kenneth E. Feltman on August 14th

“I am firm. You are obstinate. He is a pig-headed fool.” – Katherine Whitehorn The making of a political deal is messy and crude. The debt ceiling deal was especially so. Tea party supporters took a lot of the abuse during the standoff. They were called just about everything by Democrats in Congress, a few […]


by Abe Markman on December 17th

Is Barack Obama’s calmness a mask hiding layers of uncertainty about his role as president? Is the President’s seemingly unflappable persona a cover for his frequent failure to use the full range of powers of his office? As others have pointed out, in utter frustration, the President too often offers the Republicans what they want […]



Even though I consider myself fairly low impact in most of my everyday practices, giving up the plastic straw was an oversight I didn’t finally address until fairly recently. I had been on the way to weaning myself slowly off of excess waste: bringing my own tupperware to restaurants to pack leftovers (and simply not […]


by Terry Mitchell on May 21st

Those of us who believe the state of Arizona has a right to protect its borders should do our part to blunt the effects of liberal-organized boycotts against that state. We are in the majority here. Most polls show that Americans favor Arizona’s new immigration law by nearly two to one. There is power in […]


by Ronald Pies MD on November 15th

The political commentator, Matthew Dowd, recently suggested that the Republicans have become a ‘Mad Men’ party in a ‘Modern Family’ America. In light of the drubbing Gov. Romney and many Republicans took in the recent election, I think Dowd was mostly right. But the debacle for the Republicans, in my view, goes beyond being stuck […]

Debt Deal: Winners and Losers

by Kenneth E. Feltman on August 4th

During the contentious negotiations leading to the final deal, a re-orientation of the starting point for developing future federal budgets seems to have occurred. Instead of an emphasis on appropriations and earmarks, with ever-growing federal programs, Congressional budgets may now begin with program cuts. President Obama did not break the tea parties by forcing the […]


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In a September 15th, 2010 Wall Street Journal article, “Rove Fires Up Talk on O’Donnell”, Rove Fires Up, Republican strategist Karl Rove’s off-the-cuff comments about Christine O’Donnell’s victory as the Republican nominee for Delaware’s Senate seat were examined. Rove’s reaction to a move in the “right” direction by the defeat of Rep. Mike Castle, labeled […]

Obama, Liberals Threaten Our Nation

by Philip Mella on July 7th

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Europe’s search for the new Holy Grail

by Kenneth E. Feltman on May 20th

We have met the enemy, and he is us. – Pogo, the comic strip philosopher created by Walt Kelly Under the best of circumstances, the strong have trouble lifting the weak. More often, the weak pull down the strong. When the forerunner of the European Union was created with the 1957 Treaty of Rome, Europe’s […]

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